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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Three Graphology Zones

The three zones in handwriting are based on the freudian model (id, ego and superego). The three zones are: lower (id), middle (ego) and upper (super ego).

Here is a quick, high quality picture I have whipped up in paint to give you a quick idea of what zones are:

See, told you it was good.

Graphology Zones in Terms of Time:

The Lower Zone is the past
The Middle Zone is the present
The Uppser Zone is the future

What Do The Three Zones Mean?

Nice question - here is what you can analyse from the three zones.

Firstly, the zones can be interpreted just like a human body with the head being the mind and what we think. The middle being the heart, feelings and body - thus representing everyday life. The lower zone referring to the lower body - urges, sex and desires.

What each zone resembles:

Lower:  Money, health, sex, home life, physical urges and desires.

Middle: Also known as the ego - whether the person is happy with their life. How they feel of themselves compared to other people.

Upper: The mind. Ideas, imagination, what you think and fantasies.

Next post will be about dominating lower, middle and upper zones, so stay tuned!

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