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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Nitty Gritty on Spacing

Time to have a look at some examples of spacing patterns and what they mean. I'll try and do my best to explain the type of spacing by using extra spacebar spaces between each computer letter...

Words separated by wide spaces

Here     is    an    example

In this example the word looks normal (let's pretend the handwriting is considered 'normal') but the spacing between each word stands out - as it should.

When the writer puts large spaces between each word - it means they are putting space between themselves and other people. People who write like this find it hard to connect with other people and as such they have issues with trust, intimacy and maintaining relationships.

Uneven Spacing

here     is  an   example of     uneven  spacing. 

This means that the writer is having issues with what they are trying to say. When you have a clear idea of what you want to write, the writing comes naturally and freely. When you stop and think about what you want to write, that natural flow is hampered, resulting in uneven spacing between your words.

Large Spacing Between Letters and Words.

T h i s  I s  A s  G o o d  a s  I  c a n  d o  o n  a  c o m p u t e r  !

Wide spacing such as my excellent example above means a broad, open minded person. It depicts fast, open and loose writing. The more fast, open and loose the writing is, likewise to the individual!

Well, that's all for now. I hope this gave a good starter on spacing.

Next post will be a suprise, I have a few samples to analyse so whatever interests me the most in them will be the next blog post.

Until then!   

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Primer On Spacing

Spacing in graphology is the distance between letters, words and the lines of writing. Spacing shows us how the author feels about his social behaviour and other people, where he puts himself in relation to these people and can also gauge the authors intelligence.

Just from spacing you can tell whether the writer prefers to be surrounded by others, or prefers the surroundings of his thoughts. Does the writer keep people at a distance, or prefers them at arms length.

It's hard to classify spacing as normal and weird. Generally if the spacing looks ok, then it's normal. If it's too wide or just looks 'odd' then it's abnormal. As with most of graphology when you look at examples it will just click. Spacing is a perfect example of this. When you see abnormal spacing, you'll know something is up.

In the next post, some examples of spacing will be posted, as well as the explanations.

I'm Back + Handwriting Profiling

I've been away on a much needed vacation however I am back and ready to contribute some more!

I've had a number of emails asking me to analyse their handwriting/signatures and I thought, why not? It's a perfect opportunity for me to hone my skills and an excellent opportunity for you to receive a detailed personality profile based on your handwriting.

So for a small donation of $20 (AUD - for my time and effort ;) ) - I will analyse your handwriting/signature and provide a comprehensive personality profile based on your sample.

If you are interested, please send me an email at: with a sample of your handwriting attached.

What should be on the sample?

The best way to provide a sample is to get a blank piece of A4 paper, choose whatever writing instrument suits you best and write whatever comes to mind. Two decent paragraphs would be ample and a signature at the bottom would complete it all.

This will help me in many ways and I would really appreciate if you could share this with anyone you know. It's a fun and interesting way to see what your handwriting can actually tell you.

Interested? Email me at - Bring on the profiling!

And i'm glad there is interest in my blog! Graphology is very interesting and I hope this helps get the word out about it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ascending, descending and never ending signatures

Graphology and Signatures;

Continued from the previous post;

Ascending Signature

A signature on the rise generally shows that the individual feels good about their public self image, or how they appear to others.

Descending Signature

As you guessed - they don't feel good about their public self image. (Graphology makes sense once you know a few bits and pieces doesn't it?)

Underlined Signatures

Shows healthy self confidence - once there is more than one underline or a whole plethora, this shows someone who is doubting their self confidence and public and thus trying to make themselves appear important.

Overscored Signature

Yep, shows negativity. It means this person is defensive and has a strong need to protect themselves and their image.

Well, I think that's enough of signatures, in a few more days, we will be taking a look at spacing!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Analysing Signatures (continued)

 A quick reminder:

Standard writing = Your thoughts and how you appear in private.
Signature = How you communicate your thoughts and how you appear in public.

Illegible Writing With Illegible Signature

Illegible writing means the writer is not communication their thoughts - thus when the signature is also illegible, the writer is not communicating his thoughts (or his ideas, beliefs, who he is) to others.

Illegible Writing With Legible Signature

The writer has no interest in thought communication. Their ego and how they appear to you is all that counts.

Legible Writing and an Illegible Signature

Legible writing means they will communicate their thoughts however the illegible signature means they wish to hide who they really are. Think secretive, seclusive e.t.c.

Legible Writing and Legible Signature

The writing is legible which means you want your thoughts to be communicated and since the signature is legible it means you wish to communicate who you are with others.

Next post will look at slanted signatures with different types of writing, ascending, descending and weird and wonderful characters.

Hope you kept that sample handy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Analysing Signatures

Before you read the following, get a blank piece of paper and write your signature anywhere on the piece of paper and as big or as small as what feels natural to you.

Now you have your own sample to analyse, lets continue.

Just What Does A Signature Reveal?

A signature represents your public self image - aka how you act in public and around other people. You may find that either yourself, or other people you know, act differently when in the public eye compared to when they are in the comforts of their own home.

Signatures represent the public perception of a person, whilst their normal handwriting represents how they are when they are in the comfortable surroundings of their own home.

Because there are so many different types of signatures, in relation to both interpreting them against normal handwriting and analysing the actual signature itself, this post will look at the first and tommorow the actual signature itself will be analysed.

Signature / Writing The Same

A good place to start - as you may have guessed, this person acts the same in public as they do in private. They don't change personalities and they don't go up or down a notch.

Signature Larger Than Normal Writing

In graphology, this means that you have a healthy amount of self confidence in public.

Signature Much Larger

This is someone who wants to be seen and heard. Their ego craves attention. In reality, this individual may feel insecure and compensates by trying to appear big and important. Quite a common signature to see in today's consumerism and ego driven world (Think biggest is best, big tv, expensive car e.t.c.)

Signature Slightly Smaller Than Writing

This indicates insecurity in public. They are shy, don't feel very 'big' in public situations and would prefer to hang about out of the spotlight.

Signature Much Smaller Than Writing

A funny one - you will find that looking at one of these, you are actually drawn to the signature. Well what does this mean? Usually, it's someone who goes out of their way to be different or unusual in terms of what society calls 'normal', to get attention.

This is the first post of signatures, tommorow - the signatures themselves will be analysed, and the day after that, more signature analysation!

Strap yourself in!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Three Graphology Zones

The three zones in handwriting are based on the freudian model (id, ego and superego). The three zones are: lower (id), middle (ego) and upper (super ego).

Here is a quick, high quality picture I have whipped up in paint to give you a quick idea of what zones are:

See, told you it was good.

Graphology Zones in Terms of Time:

The Lower Zone is the past
The Middle Zone is the present
The Uppser Zone is the future

What Do The Three Zones Mean?

Nice question - here is what you can analyse from the three zones.

Firstly, the zones can be interpreted just like a human body with the head being the mind and what we think. The middle being the heart, feelings and body - thus representing everyday life. The lower zone referring to the lower body - urges, sex and desires.

What each zone resembles:

Lower:  Money, health, sex, home life, physical urges and desires.

Middle: Also known as the ego - whether the person is happy with their life. How they feel of themselves compared to other people.

Upper: The mind. Ideas, imagination, what you think and fantasies.

Next post will be about dominating lower, middle and upper zones, so stay tuned!